EXP Module Positions - Installation Instruction

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EXP Module Positions Plugin - by default in Joomla CMS you can tie modules to links in the menu(ItemId), this plugin will allow you to tie modules to pages of components.
Works with all components.

EXP Module Positions Plugin - Installation Instruction:
1)Please registered in site and Download plugin
2)Install this plugin as standard Joomla CMS extension (see video)
3)Go to Admin Area -> Extensions -> Plug-in Manager
Search EXP Module Positions Plugin
4)Open this Plugin, next click "Basic Options" tab
In field "Position Name" - insert any text for position , the main thing that such position wouldn't be in your template!
In field " Components" - choose components in which you want to use this plugin
5)Enable this plugin
6)After for all module you can see additional tab "EXP Autos Pro - Module Positions"
In this tab you can selected pages where you want show module and position.

This plugin work with Joomla CMS version 2.5.x and 3.0.x.

Please see this video instruction
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