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Find and add Electric Vehicles charging points

VsichkoTok is your Bulgarian EV charging stations locator that helps you find places to charge your EV around the country, with tech details, pictures and descriptions. Join the EV comminuty and add you charge points for free!


Find and charge

On you computer or using the mobile verison you can find or add charging stations and charging points right from your mobile device. What's the difference between station and point? Charging stations are devices specifically designed for EV charging, and we call charging points every place where you can charge an EV from a standart Euro or industrial electrical socket.


Add and share

When adding your charging station or point, it's important to show socket types (interface), e.g. Type 2 (7-pin), CHAdeMO (Fast charging standard) or simply Euro (standart mains socket). It's an essential information, because of the different types of plugs and sockets (see them at Elektromobili.bg)..